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Most of the following pictures are thumbnailed, except the first new new ones and the last two.

Happy Halloween! Andy was Ash from Pokemon, Robin was Pikachu Robin celebrating her 7th birthday

robin-pokemon-web.jpg (51340 bytes)

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Robin at Pokemon day at the mall - June '99 Andy, the same day Being silly! March 2000

Robin, age 7 Jason's sister Sabrina's wedding (the picture is much clearer on enlargement) Jason and Sabrina dancing
Happy kids, summer '98 Halloween '97 Andy is baseball boy
Baseball boy again Ain't Robin cute?! Andy's first grade photo
Robin on her 5th birthday Robin enjoying more birthday stuff Goofy Andy
Andy playing t-ball, age 5 Andy at 5, Robin at 3 (this picture is not thumbnailed) Andy, 3 and Robin 1 1/2 (this picture is not thumbnailed)
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