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Some of Jason's favorite pages:

Here are some places we like to go when online:

ESPN SportsZone The best sports site on the Web, in our opinion.

The Seattle Times The local newspaper.

Apa-Bay Another apa that Jason is in. It is also way-cool.

Calobo Fan Page A page put up by Jason's friend Carol celebrating an awesome band.

Pages of friends:

Laurie Anderson Not the performance artist. She has a wonderful, conversational ezine at her site.

Robert Dahlen lives in San Francisco and likes the Animaniacs

Mark Dykeman is Canadian but sometimes lives in Chicago.

Ed Goto likes the Scottish food Haggis.

Jeff Lembke is a very interesting person.

Scott Marshall recently quit Apa Centauri, which makes me sad.

Paul McNally loves Henry Rollins, Charles Beaudelaire and his kids, too!

Steve Oliver has a very intellectual site discussing the examined life.

Kristina Pfaff-Harris was one of my best friends in high school.

Edward Quentin writes about the eternally cranky Tortoise of "Tortoise and the Hare" fame.

Rhia Perkins loves poetry and romance languages.

Michael Rawdon loves baseball, computers and good comics, among other things.

Dan Sillars and Deane are very nice people.

James Spielberg is no relation to the famous director. Come read his fiction, online journal and other fun stuff.

Mark Strickert loves baseball, traveling, radio and other things, too.

Jefferson Swycaffer is a fabulous writer.

Madoline Taylor is the beez kneez, man.

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